Top 3 Tips On Painting The Perfect Exterior For Your Home

3 Tips On How To Paint Your Home In Connecticut

Looking to paint your home in Connecticut? Today, at CToutandabout – we’re going to be covering how you can do an excellent job for your home with 3 simple steps – this post is brought to us by a sponsor.

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1. Wash The Exterior Of Your Home Using A Pressure Washer

3 Tips On How To Paint Your Exterior In Connecticut

Before you begin painting your home, PainterinCT recommends that you pressure wash your home. The reason being is because it is likely that your home has a lot of dirt and grime.

Before you can start painting your exterior – you need to first get the dirt and grime off using a power washer.

2. Apply Primer For Weather Conditions

Don’t apply that paint just yet. We recommend that you now add some primer to your home. Primer allows your home to get the safety and protection that it needs to withstand the rain and windy conditions.

We recommend using powerful primer and even adding 2-3 coats of it. Paint goes above the primer so it creates a powerful exterior for your home.

Check out this article for primers that will work for you – Click here

3. Only Apply Quality Paint Over The Primer

There are plenty of options out there when painting the exterior of your home. We recommend using Satin/Eggshell – you can find those here

This paint is durable and creates a good looking exterior for your home

In Conclusion

When going about your painting process for your home – always remember that Connecticut is a winter wonderland and homes can easily rot or deteriorate from snowy conditions

Follow the steps above and you should have a properly painted home in no time. And if ever needed, you can contact a professional painting company to tackle the project for you – if you’re not a DIY type of person

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