Are Local Businesses In Connecticut Thriving?

What Is The Financial Situation With Local Businesses in Connecticut

Many local businesses in Connecticut seem to be having a hard time. Many businesses recently moved out of Connecticut, due to a high tax rate and expensive cost per living for the consumer. In any case, is it safe to assume that painting companies, bathroom remodelers, and professional bail bondsman can’t afford their overhead?

Regardless of financial situations, these businesses will have to go into a deep survival mode to fight the powerful tax eluding state.

Connecticut has been known for its low unemployment rate but that may be changing as large insurance company Aetna recently left Connecticut and is now exploring other avenues to do business outside of the state.

In Conclusion – Connecticut Local Businesses Must Hold Their Heads Up

Regardless of the type of business, it is important to hold your head up. Revenue may go up and down when large insurance companies leave the state but it will always fluctuate. You must have the power to withstand the economic downturns in Connecticut.

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